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Total Relax: Shiatsu at the Ambasciatori Palace

Total Relax: Shiatsu at the Ambasciatori Palace


The Ambasciatori Palace, in accordance with the Shiatsu Centre Laura Belletti now gives the opportunity to its customers to forget the stress of everyday life and get back a great form for the body, spirit and mind thanks to shiatsu treatments.

Shiatsu (Shi = finger and atsu = pressure) is an ancient Japanese manual technique to rebalance the body's energy, it's known since the sixth century, and it's to put pressure with thumbs, fingers, palms of the hands to regain or maintain the individual's health and it's based on four principles:





In Ambasciatori Palace you will be able to undergo several shiatsu treatments:

· Style Namikoshi

· Style Masunaga

· Style Yokai

· For pregnancy

· An ergonomic chair for meetings and events

· Welcome Love: shiatsu / holistic treatment for the couple with flowers and incense

· Welcome to the Customer

Among the new services there will also be the new holistic massage and fitness services:


· Vodder lymphatic drainage

· Relaxation massage

· Anti-Stress massage

· Gentle massage for pregnancy

· Reflexology

· Stretching

· Pilates

· Yoga

· Tai Chi

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