The Group's Hotels

The Royal Group Hotels & Resorts brand consists of different alternatives in terms of size, location, charm and elegance of establishment.

The historic Royal Continental on the seafront in Naples - the largest conference-accommodation facility in the heart of the city. In Sorrento, the Parco dei Principi is a revolutionary structure designed by the Milanese architect Gio Ponti, and the same 27,000 sqm botanical park is also home to the 4-star La Residenza.

Royal Continental


The Royal Continental in Naples is the perfect venue for meetings, conferences and business gatherings.

It is a wonderful location for receptions and is increasingly becoming a gathering place for residents of the city.

Vai all'hotel The hotel Royal Group by Naples seafront.

Parco dei Principi


One of the first design hotels, designed by Gio Ponti, on a tuff rampart overhanging the sea.

The hotel has two restaurants, the Gio Ponti and the seasonal Poggio Siracusa. The kitchens at the Parco dei Principi prepare special fish menus as well as other delicate recipes.

Go to the hotel The hotel in Sorrento with a splendid view, designed by Gio Ponti.

La Residenza


The hotel is located in the Parco dei Principi, a luxuriant 27,000 sqm botanical garden that dates from the Bourbon period. Quiet and private, La Residenza instantly provides a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Go to the hotel The 4 star hotel in Sorrento belonging to the Royal Group lies within the beautiful Parco dei Principi.